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About us.


We’re investing in high performing teams creating the next enterprise or consumer category.

Sway Ventures is a US-based venture capital firm investing in early to mid stage technology companies. We invest in high performing teams, building revolutionary technology, creating the next enterprise or consumer category. With a focus on strategic capitalization, business development support, and engineered exits, we provide great teams with the support they need to change the future.

Brian Nugent

Founding General Partner

Bill Malloy

Founding General Partner

Karl Karlsson

General Partner

Najib Khouri-Haddad

General Partner

Ken Denman

Venture Partner

Vince Monteparte

Venture Partner

Greg White

COO & Partner, Head of Value Add

Lani Nguyen

Partner, Design

Andy Bair


Patrick ONeill

Partner, Marketing

Domini Kelly

Partner, Finance and Operations

Arnaud van der Wyck



Adam Bain


Brett Munster


Taylor Thomas

Chief of Staff

Dylan Weening

Senior Associate


Kelly Sullivan

Office Administrator


Brent Granado

General Partner


Jon Lonsdale



Maria Barron

Head of Benefits

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Value Add.

Capital, revenue and talent. Our work happens behind the scenes.


Partnering with non-profits for social impact.



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Making our SF and La Jolla offices work for founders and friends.

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Edgar Masri

Venture Partner

Albert Vazquez

Operating Partner

Dean Weber

Operating Partner, Technology

Daniel Haders

Operating Partner, CorpDev

Sam Allen

Advisor, CorpDev

Alex Moore

Advisor, Investing

Darius Sankey

Advisor, Investing

Sami Nassar

Operating Partner

Mark Hartley

Operating Partner, Talent

Tony Davis

Operating Partner, CorpDev

David King

Operating Partner, CorpDev

Scott Benson

Advisor, CorpDev

David Ibnale

Advisor, Investing

Paul Ferris

Advisor, Investing

Ed Kremer

Operating Partner

Madan Ahuja

Operating Partner, Talent

Mike Rogers

Operating Partner, CorpDev

Adam Gerstein

Operating Partner, CorpDev

James Shira

Advisor, CorpDev

Eric Ly

Advisor, Investing

Niranjan Nigar

Advisor, Investing


Principles we strive to live by.


What would the world be like if venture capitalists put founders needs first?

We’re a venture capital firm that prizes entrepreneurialism and embraces constant change. Over the years, five perspectives have come to define the way we work:


Never settle for incrementalism, ever.


Make things happen, resist stasis.


Stay loyal to what you say you’ll do.


Play your role. We win and fail together.


Never forget whose money it is and whose company it’s invested in.

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We are always looking for high performers.


We’re hiring people who share our values across all offices and outposts, disciplines and experience levels.

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