Who Controls the Cybersecurity Dashboard?

The Future of Security Controls

July 17, 2019 | San Francisco, CA | 6:00 PM 8:30 PM


Join us for a
private dinner in
San Francisco

In a world of exponential technological growth, the future comes sooner than you think. Sway Ventures is bringing together influential investors, entrepreneurs, and visionaries for a private dinner focused on the innovations that will influence the future. Our dinners convene investing, business and technology leaders, with a focus on bold, inspiring ideas.

Spotlight guests will sit down with Matt Carbonara, Olga Serhiyevich, and Suman Natarajan of Citi Ventures and Najib Khouri-Haddad; and Ken Denman of Sway Ventures to share insights into the trends and transformations reshaping the future of the firewall.

In partnership with Citi Ventures, “The Future of Security Controls: Who Controls the Cybersecurity Dashboard?” looks at the technologies impacting enterprise security. We’ll look at which trends are redefining the enterprise, transforming how we set and manage policy across hybrid environments and hundreds of devices from a single display. We’ll also explore the pro’s and con’s of a fragmented, best of breed approach versus a holistic, all-in-one framework.


Bret Hartman

VP and CTO, Security Business Group


John de Santis

Chairman & CEO


Hed Kovetz



Olga Serhiyevich

SVP, Business Development Lead
Citi Ventures


Najib Khouri-Haddad

General Partner
Sway Ventures


John Aisien

Chief Executive Officer
Blue Cedar


Bill Mann


0 (1).jpeg

Suman Natarajan

Vice President, Venture Investing
Citi Ventures


Matt Carbonara

Managing Director, Venture Investing
Citi Ventures


Ken Denman

Venture Partner
Sway Ventures


In partnership with Citi Ventures

Citi Ventures invests in category-defining startups with the potential to augment and enhance Citi's products and services, helping our clients thrive in a world of change. Citi Ventures Technology Council is a network of senior technology leaders across industries focused on sharing best practices and identifying cutting-edge technology solutions to shape the future of large enterprises. For more information please contact olga.serhiyevich@citi.com