Ft. Ruslan Belkin, CTO at Progressly

The Next Enterprise Category

June 28, 2017 — San Francisco, CA

AI will fundamentally change the enterprise.

Artificial intelligence is positioned to rapidly reinvent business, the economy, and how people work and interact with each other. Just as electrification changed every single major industry a century ago, many think we’re in the phase where AI will change every major category and industry. By some estimates, 90 percent of all data on the internet is unstructured. Enterprises have an enormous opportunity to gain insights from this data, and it will become a competitive necessity to analyze it to achieve valuable and actionable insights to help shape business outcomes.

But the promise of AI and its reality are two very different things.

This month, we have the pleasure of being joined by Ruslan Belkin. With his unique insight, we will draw on his leadership and experience from industry leading companies like LinkedIn, Twitter, Salesforce, Netscape, and his newest role at Progressly. In that role, Ruslan is looking at the beginnings of a new category of enterprise software focused on operational performance as a whole.Together we’ll learn what the future looks like from the eyes of investors and innovators who are pioneering advances in AI and creating the next enterprise categories.

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And of course, Sway Ventures shoutout to Ruslan and his teammates at Progressly.

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