Ft. Stacy Brown-Philpot, CEO of TaskRabbit

The Future of Work

November 7, 2018 — San Francisco, CA

Matching freelance labor with local demand.

Ten years ago, after running out of dog food on a cold Boston night, founder, Leah Busque, set out to create a way for people to lend a hand to busy neighbors. That company would come to be known as TaskRabbit, and over the decade since inception, it has made an undeniable impression on what’s know ubiquitously called the “Gig Economy”.

The company is part of the new breed of tech enabled marketplaces like Uber and Airbnb that are challenging traditional industries, markets, and regulations. For TaskRabbit, they are even challenging our most basic concept of work and the power dynamic between employees and employers. They also sit squarely in the middle of the debate around AI and the future of work, as statistic after statistic point to a whittling away of the middle class, and the rise of a binary workforce; highly skilled and low skilled. Whatever side of the debate you fall, one thing is clear, the Gig Economy is growing, it’s expanding its footprint, and there are investment opportunities.

Join our very own Ken Denman as he and TaskRabbit CEO, Stacy Brown-Philpot, discuss TaskRabbit and The Future of Work.

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Stacy Brown-Philpot
Chief Executive Officer, TaskRabbit

An expert at building and scaling large, mission-minded organizations, Stacy Brown-Philpot leads TaskRabbit as CEO. In 2017, Stacy led the successful acquisition of TaskRabbit by the IKEA Group. During her tenure, TaskRabbit has expanded its presence into 45 markets across the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada with a plan to expand globally. In addition to shaping the future of work, TaskRabbit is now a core driver of the e-commerce and services strategy for the world’s largest furniture retailer with the mission of making everyday life easier for everyone.

Prior to joining the company, she spent nearly a decade at Google heading online sales and operations. Stacy sits on the board of directors for HP Inc., Nordstrom, and Black Girls Code. She holds a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School of Business and an M.B.A. from Stanford University. Stacy lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two daughters.

Sway Talent Network

And of course, Sway Ventures shoutouts to some amazing companies. P.S. did we mention they’re hiring:

  • Join TaskRabbit’s mission to provide opportunities for millions of hard-working people across the United States, United Kingdom, and soon, around the world. Their unique two-sided marketplace matches millions of customers with over 60,000 Taskers, offering convenience, quality and at accessible prices.
  • At Avisare, they’re building the procurement platform empowering government agencies to help small businesses compete for contracts.
  • Blue Cedar Networks champions the bold who apply original thinking to come to a solution.

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