Ft. Mint.com & Dollar Shave Club

The Future of the Customer Experience

August 9, 2017 — San Francisco, CA

What does it take to see the things that others miss?

Our August Pop-Up Event, “The Future of the Customer Experience” featured spotlight guests Donna Wells (former CMO of Mint.com) and Nick Fairbairn (Le Tote ). They sat down with Bill Malloy and Ken Denman (Sway Ventures) to discuss the future of the customer experience, and what it takes to see the things that others miss.

In this talk, we try to understand the future of the customer experience and learn the unexpected habits to curate ideas and see what others miss. Using a simple set of guidelines, we can completely transform the way that innovation happens, and how new ideas are fostered, communicated and acted upon. This new process will have you saving, curating and learning to leverage your company’s best ideas to maximize the customer experience.

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Things we referred to at the event (that you are definitely going to want to click on):

  • It’s time for new rules of customer engagement. Explore the CX Frequency model.
  • Why Dollar Shave Club invests in unscripted customer service


And of course, Sway Ventures shoutouts to some of the amazing portfolio companies focused on the customer experience.

  • At Le Tote, they’re changing the way women interact with their wardrobe one tote at a time.
  • Change the skies with Surf Air.
  • With Uber, one tap and a car comes directly to you. Hop in—your driver knows exactly where to go. And when you get there, just step out. Payment is completely seamless.
  • FanBread is a one-stop shop for influencers to build their own branded mobile websites with all the best money-making tools built in.
  • Tally believes in building powerful but simple products to make our users less stressed and better off financially.


Special thanks again to our spotlight guests, Donna Wells and Nick Fairbairn!