Ft. Noon Home, LiveAction & Bain Capital

The Future of Customer Acquisition

April 5, 2017 — San Francisco, CA

Breaking into the Enterprise

Selling into large enterprises requires a completely different approach than the SMB market. That’s why we asked long-time friends and allies, Jeff Williams, Walter Scott CEO of LiveAction and Sean Paterson of Noon Home to join us and share their perspectives on what they’ve seen work and how you can apply it to your business.

Our panel, “The Future of Customer Acquisition: Breaking into the Enterprise” will look at the nuances of enterprise sales, target account management, pilot programs and proof of concepts, and expanding into large contracts and recurring revenue. We’ll cover the entire spectrum of targeting enterprises and how to execute on a plan.

  • Building trust: it’s about people, not companies
  • Know the decision process and who’s involved
  • Proof of Concepts, Trials and RFP’s
  • Partnering: non-competitors and Competitors
  • Crafting the ideal sales team mix
  • Managing the sales cycle: short, long, and cyclical
  • Creating a culture of winning

Selling to enterprises is a series of tactics integrated together with your company’s strategy to create a custom process that is always improving. Tools help, lessons learned are useful, but selling to the enterprise comes down to strategy, tactics, and the right discipline.

And of course, Sway Ventures shoutouts to some of the amazing portfolio companies who participated in this event. P.S. did we mention they’re hiring:

  • Noon Home is growing. They’re looking for energetic, collaborative, and bright (of course!) people to join our expanding team of passionate professionals.
  • At LiveAction, we’re changing the rules. Our LiveNX platform helps visualize the network in real-time and provide insights and control like no other product in the market.