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The Future of Attraction

July 11, 2017 — San Francisco, CA

Building a Talent Pipeline

Our July Pop-Up Event, “The Future of Attraction: Building a Talent Pipeline” featured spotlight guests Madan Ahuja (Le Tote) and Mark Hartley (Twilio). They sat down with Greg White (Sway Ventures) to discuss creative methods for sourcing candidates and building a company-wide recruiting culture. Our recruiting experts have faced these challenges head on and are excited to share their tips and tricks with you.

They shared with us their unique approach to prospecting and building a talent pipeline, embracing referrals without bonuses—and why this tactic can be so successful, ways to prioritize both diversity and referrals to build an inclusive organization, and tips for including recruiting and referral education in your onboarding program.

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Things we referred to at the event (that you are definitely going to want to click on):

  • Those nine values we kept mentioning, guiding Twilio to build the future of communications
  • Everyone needs a friend, but at Le Tote, everyone has a buddy.
  • Checking for references? Be sure to ask these questions.
  • While employees leave for several reasons, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) reason is their manager. Madan shares 13 signs to keep an eye out for when employee behavior changes in the workplace.


And of course, Sway Ventures shoutouts to some of the amazing portfolio companies. P.S. did we mention they’re hiring:

  • At Le Tote, they’re changing the way women interact with their wardrobe one tote at a time.
  • Haven is bringing a new way for the $1.3T global shipping industry to do business.
  • Presdo Match believe in the power of relationships to drive business opportunity forward at events
  • Simply Measured* is the world’s best social analytics platform designed to help marketers do their best work, simply.
  • Tally believes in building powerful but simple products to make our users less stressed and better off financially.
  • At Affinity, they’re building the future of collective intelligence and they want you to be a part of it.


Our most tweetable moments, if tweeting is your jam:

 “Sell your vision…and screen for that.”

 “We don’t hire for culture fit, we hire for culture add.”


Special thanks again to our spotlight guests, Madan Ahuja and Mark Hartley!


*via an investment in Techstars Ventures 2009