A Silicon Valley native and the child of two serial entrepreneurs, Falon Fatemi first gained prominence as Google’s youngest employee when she worked for the tech giant as a financial analyst at the age of 19. During that time, She realized that the web was full of hidden opportunities — and set out to fix this critical problem by surfacing previously undiscovered links between businesses and people that could be used to connect them in new and profound ways.

Falon started Node to create a world where connections are made differently. Node is solving this by indexing the web with a focus on people and organizations as the critical ‘nodes’ and using AI to signal match the links between buyer and seller, investor and investee, employer and employee and countless other connections.

Node’s vision is a world where you will know exponentially more about the people you should know. It will go beyond leads, accounts, connections and opportunities. It is accelerated by AI. It will connect people with opportunity at massive scale.