LiveAction develops IT visibility, analytics and diagnostic solutions designed to simplify network management. Our two different platforms, LiveNX (the Network Experience) and LiveSP (the Service Provider Experience) were each built by teams of subject matter experts to focus on delivering key functionality to our users.

Initially developed to aid the US Department of Defense in the operation of its networks, LiveNX is built around an innovative visual display, real-time big data analytics and deep control of routers and switches for unparalleled network administration. LiveNX accelerates troubleshooting with its QoS control, application-aware and WAN functionality, developed through engineering partnerships with Cisco Systems and broadened to support 107 different network technology vendors.

LiveSP was initially developed by LivingObjects, a French software development firm, which was a spin-off of a global telecommunications provider. In this platform, the focus is on multi-tenancy, fast reporting and customizable dashboards. This technology is highly scalable with over 100,000 CPE under management.

Underpinning our platforms are network data sources like SNMP, NetFlow, IPFIX, API. In addition, we are expanding network visibility and control with our own technologies including LiveAgent that brings data from endpoints, containers and VMs, LiveNCA which provides configuration back-up, change management and our newly acquired packet level diagnostics by Savvius. To read more about our acquisition of Savvius, please check out the press release.