Founded in 2015, Avisare provides sourcing software for modern government agencies and the contractors and vendors who support them.

Avisare improves the process of finding, bidding and reporting on government contracts. We use the latest technologies to simplify a complicated and fragmented process.

Our secret sauce is that we empower a network of small businesses—we believe that small businesses deserve a fair chance to compete for government contracts, a multi-trillion-dollar industry. By creating one, massive interconnected network full of contract opportunities for small business owners to grow revenue in their local economies, Avisare is doing its part to create a more just world.

We understand that government agencies need outreach data to ensure fairness and transparency. We make that simple and, in turn, level the playing field for diverse businesses to compete for contracts.

Our goal is to create software that embodies civic responsibility – software that is productive, responsible, caring and contributing. We truly believe we are stronger together.

We believe in the power of the network and the democratization of access, that if we make sourcing fair and open for everyone, great things will happen.