Node is Poised to Usher the Next Era of Search and Discovery

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Node today announced an investment totaling $7.5 million for its data intelligence layer that reorganizes information on the web based on the people who use it. Node is backed by Mark Cuban, New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Avalon Ventures, Canaan Partners, Sway Ventures, Bee Partners, and Entrée Capital. Today, the web is organized by webpages and keywords, treating important entities like people and companies as metadata. Node’s technology is reorganizing the web to facilitate personalized discovery, where relevant information will be automatically recommended to the user, at the right time, without requiring a search box.

“Node is building the future of the web with an essential data intelligence layer that distills and filters the massive amounts of information on the web down to what is relevant to each individual and business,” commented Node investor Mark Cuban.

Now in stealth mode, the Node team includes Google, Facebook, Wildfire search engineers and natural language processing experts. Founder Falon Fatemi launched her career as the youngest employee at Google at just 19 years old, focused on global expansion strategy and operations before moving on to build strategic partnerships at YouTube. Throughout her career, Fatemi has successfully grown numerous technology companies, facilitating millions of dollars in investment, strategic partnerships, executive hires and acquisitions.

“Today, there is more information created in a single day than we could possibly absorb in a lifetime. There is no doubt that the time is now for the next breakthrough of web intelligence, one where the user and what they care about is at the center of our model, ushering a future of true personalization. Our starting point is powering the B2B world’s understanding of the people and companies that matter most to their business before expanding to B2C and beyond,” said Falon Fatemi, founder and CEO of Node. “This investment helps us accelerate our go-to-market timeline as we work to equip companies to harness the vast data on the web in ways that transform how they sell, market, hire and partner.”

Node is currently focused on scaling its platform for sales and marketing and is working with select enterprise customers. In the future, Node could recommend the people you should hire for your business, which companies are best to partner with and serve consumer recommendations for B2C products.

“I can imagine a future where Node recommends which people to carpool with to a Mavericks game, or which ClassPass customers would be most interested in a Blue Apron marketing promotion,” continued Cuban.