Who’s Afraid of RelateIQ? Oh, Just the Entire CRM Industry

RelateIQ has been turning heads in the CRM and PaaS world lately by working with salespeople, instead of putting salespeople to work. The difference might seem slight, but any salesperson who’s had to do data entry into a CRM platform can tell you that changes to the industry were an absolute necessity.

Our own Patrick ONeill, self-proclaimed recovering SaaS-hole, has become a master of all things RelateIQ, and recently described the difference between the jolly, green (sorry, seafoam green) cloud application and other similar CRMs as a matter of simplicity. “Look at how it tracks every phone, email, and social conversation relevant to each opportunity. Wait, now watch this – every account I have is automatically linked, and data is collected, without me having to do a thing!” But even for sales staff that aren’t super users like Patrick, RelateIQ brings a simple elegance to the customer relationship management process by basically cutting out any data entry that they might have to do. It’s like humans and machines working in perfect harmony, “Man-machine symbiosis.” Couldn’t agree more.

Why are we touting the complete and utter awesomeness of this revolutionary little company? RelateIQ is actually one of the many startups that Sway Ventures has invested in. With an incredible team of experienced technologists, we’ve been keeping our eye on startups from Silicon Valley to Boston in an effort to find the best possible opportunities and support companies that we think represent the best of the best. Our investing process comes down to the three major themes that we’ve been seeing in the industry, which include big data, pervasive connectivity and software-as-a-service companies that cross verticals like they were playing red rover. RelateIQ represents an innovative leap forward for not only CRM platforms, but for enterprise SaaS in the sales and marketing space as a whole.

RelateIQ is a Palo Alto, California-based start-up that is quickly becoming the go-to relationship intelligence solution for professionals seeking to build better relationships and make smarter decisions. It automatically captures emails, calls, and appointments in real time, creating a reliable source of information you can share with your team in the office and on the go, coupled with data-science-driven algorithms that measure what matters and instantly deliver real-time reports.

We don’t invest in companies that we wouldn’t be interested in personally, and for us, implementing and exploring what RelateIQ can do has been an absolute game changer. If you’ve been looking for a better way to manage customers and track sales processes (or any process for that matter), across all of your team, while simultaneously staying on the same page with regard to emails, calendars, and phone calls, all without ever entering a single piece of data manually, head on over to their website at www.relateiq.com, and tell ‘em Sway Ventures’ said hi.