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Investing in the Software Economy

  • Newport Beach, CA (map)

How Investors Can Navigate the Coming Era

The global economy will transform over the next decade into a software driven economy fueled by increasing digitization and innovation across industries and verticals. This new economy will require different skills for investors, as stagnant business models will collapse under a new generation of entrepreneurs and investors who seek to create value across traditional industries by harnessing new trends in technology. Those that survive and flourish in this new economy will do so by leveraging innovation, adapt old practices to new standards, and address global challenges by applying new technology to massive sectors of the economy.

We recently hosted a private event with Hollencrest Capital Management in Newport Beach to have a candid conversation about the challenge for investors, founders and policymakers. As a whole, we need to update, strengthen, and adapt our policies and our thinking, to respond to the economic effects of AI.

I encourage you to watch the recorded event where Brian Nugent and I (Bill Malloy) sit down with Dr. Allen Gruber, Co-founder & Director at Brain Corporation, Kim Walpole, Co-founder & CEO at Trials.AI and Ken Denman, Board member at Motorola and Costco to discuss:

  • What sectors/industries/jobs are most at risk?

  • Is the workforce bifurcating into two classes, a class of highly paid and highly skilled “alphas”, and a class of low-paid and low-skilled “betas”?

  • How do we make more work into creative work?

  • How do we design a new education system so that the students and workers have the resources to evolve alongside technology?

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