Arnaud van der Wyck





Arnaud van der Wyck is a specialist in identifying, creating and developing cross-border relationships, investment opportunities and solutions for investors and entrepreneurs across the alternative asset class spectrum. Arnaud has been a Partner of Sway Ventures since its inception, based in London and focusses on: building strategic ecosystems between the US and EMEA, on hands on engagement and commercialisation, revenue and exit pathway efforts and on IT software investing in EMEA. Arnaud gained his first experience as an investment banker within the technology team at UBS and subsequently as an entrepreneur and founder of several businesses and start-ups including Capital Alliance Partners, Voxxcom and Riva Asset Management.

With a masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Rotterdam and a fluency in multiple languages including French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch, Arnaud has a mastery of the investment process and an understanding of the global investment ecosystem rarely seen in the industry.