AITV has rebranded to Sway Ventures.

If you want the full story behind the rebrand check out our Medium post.

Why Sway Ventures? We thought you’d never ask. That’s actually not true, evidenced by the fact that we created this page and what’s to follow.

Sway is a noun, sway is a verb. You can have it, and you can wield it. It can be something you control, or you can be under its control. It denotes motion, but also the ability to command, to influence, to change behavior.

To us, it encompasses entrepreneurship perfectly.

Great teams sway
Great teams sway minds
Great teams sway entire categories
Great teams sway the future

Great teams united by a singular vision and the belief they can change the world are building the technology to sway what’s next.

That is why we’re Sway Ventures, and that is why we invest in great teams.