Addepar has been making headlines over the past few months thanks to the completion of a successful C round led by David O. Sacks and venture-capital firm Valor Equity Partners and backed by AITV. But, to be fair, Addepar has always been pretty good at turning heads.

The five-year-old Mountain view company, is hellbent on changing the way the financial industry deals with wealth management. An answer to the increasing complexity of financial instruments, Addepar was created to assist family wealth managers and investment advisors, who have been at a recent technological disadvantage to larger banks.

Addepar has always been a young company, having been started by bright, innovative twenty-somethings with an uncanny understanding of big data, the complexity of the finance industry, and a desire to see it move beyond spreadsheets and analysts. Now the enterprise is beginning to recruit seasoned financial veterans to help scale and expand its reach.

“It’s really exciting to see a company like Addepar succeed in an industry as orthodox and hidebound as the financial industry, particularly because of the way it will optimize those working within it”, said Bill Malloy, General Partner of AITV, and part of Addepar’s advisory board. “We have always been major proponents of man/machine symbiosis. Technology has the power to better accomplish menial tasks such as data collection and organization, allowing humans to do what they’re better at: high level analysis and understanding. The effect that a company like Addepar will have on the financial industry will be revolutionary.”

So long as the world sees just what it is capable of.

Fortunately it looks like the industry as a whole is getting behind Addepar and its powerful toys, in fact some are even using the software itself as a recruiting tool, to lure advisors away from the large wirehouses. Sure, there will always be diehards stoically planting their feet in the mud and trying to forestall the inevitable march of progress but, as long as we’ve got industry leaders like Addepar, they’ve got one hell of a fight ahead of them.